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About Ambrosia Books

My copy of the Modern World Encyclopaedia 1935 says ’ ambrosia : the name given in Greek mythology to the food, and sometimes the drink, of the gods, the term nectar being exclusively applied to their drink.’

Having fallen in love with the printed word as a child and devoured books ever since, the collecting of books and now the selling of books has been a natural progression for me. I have got over my initial impulse to hang on to every last book to the point that I am now very happy to be able to deliver a title to someone who really wants it.

Ambrosia opened for business in 1992 and lives in a large terrace house which has books climbing the walls everywhere but the bathroom. We run a mail order business with visits by appointment only. We prefer messages per answerphone, fax or email as our hours are erratic.

As to the stock, most catalogues contain Australiana : (click a subject to view that catalogue)

We can email you a scanned image of a particular book cover if required, just send us an email using the link below.

AMBROSIA BOOKS, 457 DARLING ST, BALMAIN, NSW, 2041, AUSTRALIA. (Proprietor : Jan Aitkin)
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