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How do I find my way around the Ambrosia website?

Most of the time you can just use the NAVIGATION bar at the left side of your screen.

Clicking on one of these links will take you to...

HOME The Ambrosia Books Home Page (this is the first page you see when you arrive at our website).
HELP! The Ambrosia help files.
SEARCH Search the entire Ambrosia stock list by Author name, Book Title, Subject and other categories.
BROWSE Allows you to search through our catalogues, page by page. As you work through the lists you can put any book you want into the shopping basket.
BOOK REQUESTS Send us a request for a particular book if you can't find it online.
SHOPPING BASKET Shows you what books you have chosen so far and the price(s).
ABOUT US Background information about Ambrosia Books.
SCAN REQUESTS Allows you to request a scanned picture of the cover of one of our books.
MESSAGES Send us your comments, queries and other feedback.

As well as the Navigation bar, most pages will contain one or more clickable "Hyperlinks". A hyperlink is simply a shortcut to another page or to another part of the page you are currently in.  e.g. this hyperlink takes you back to the top of this page... TOP... click it and see!

Why not add this web site to your list of Favourites (in MS Internet Explorer) or BookMarks (in Netscape Navigator)? That way you won't have to type every time you visit us!

For Netscape/Mozilla : Select Bookmarks.
For Internet Explorer : select Add to Favorites then click OK.

If you need more information, email us:-

AMBROSIA BOOKS, 457 DARLING ST, BALMAIN, NSW, 2041, AUSTRALIA. (Proprietor : Jan Aitkin)
PHONE/FAX International-(612) or Australian area code-(02) 9810 1862 M 0498 486 677.
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