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How can I search the online catalogues for specific authors, titles or keywords?

All words in every record can be searched, except 'a' 'an' and 'the', which are removed from the search keys for the record. All searches are for single words, with punctuation removed and ignored. e.g. If you search for the Hemingway book 'For whom the bell tolls' you could just enter 'bell tolls' in the title field for all the books with these two words in the title. In some cases you might get returned books with the title 'the bell tolls for thee' as these two words are also in this title.

Also a search for O'Sullivan is equivalent to a search for OSullivan or osullivan as case is not important.

If you want you can search from several fields at once. e.g. Hemingway from the author field and tolls from the title field will return all books with these words in the author and title field respectively.


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